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The world in which we are living is changing very quickly, no more so than in the electronics industry. Renting from Williams makes sense in this fast moving industry, with the knowledge that you are able to upgrade to the latest technology and that help from an experienced team is always included. The washing machine is a fundamental appliance in the kitchen and we offer a selection of washing machines for rental to suit all budgets.

Once considered a luxury, a dishwasher is now a vital home appliance. It’s a quicker more economical way of washing pots in a sink full of water. In the space of a year, you could see both your water and energy consumption drop.

A kitchen without a fridge and freezer is… unimaginable. Storing food and keeping it fresh for longer is almost impossible without them.

All our service is included in your fixed rental payments, allowing the household budget to be managed. Renting offers you peace of mind, knowing help is only ever a phone call away. We deliver, install and connect home entertainment products to existing services like Sky or Virgin, with most leads provided free of charge. Our aim is your peace of mind so should the product go wrong you are only ever a phone call away for service or support. Remember Rent and Relax.

All the latest software and firmware upgrades will be carried out as necessary and all this is included in your rental payment. Williams have direct contact with the manufacturer, so any problems can be investigated and solved quickly.