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Samsung UE40EH5000 40" Widescreen Full HD LED TV with Freeview
The Samsung 40" 40EH5000 full HD 1080p backlit LED TV gives a vivid viewing experience and a world of new entertainment options. Samsung's Clear Motion Rate gives crystal-clear moving images through a combination of the chipset used, the 50Hz display panel and the advanced LED backlight. The colours are accurate and vibrant thanks to Wide Colour Enhancer Plus technology that improves the quality of any image and uncovers hidden details. The TV has 2 HDMI sockets for your Blu-ray player, games console or other high definition device, along with a headphone socket and inputs for SCART & component leads.Read More


Bosch BCH61840GB Athlet Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Black. Introducing the Bosch Athlet vacuum cleaner, the convenient cordless upright with no compromises on cleaning power and performance. Thanks to SensorBagless technology the Bosch Athlet provides superior cleaning. Minimum maintenance and quiet operation ensure you get the most from this vacuum. With high power airflow, dust is separated and picked up easier thanks to the huge diameter of the floor head and its aerodynamic design. Special bristles provide optimum cleaning performance on hard floors and carpets. A sensor monitor constantly checks performance. A LED signal lets you know when the filter needs cleaning and with its silence optimised design, this vacuum will not disrupt your household. With its long life motor, the Bosch Athlet is engineered for heavy usage. Its flexible nozzle joint provides easy manoeuvrability, stability and easy cleaning in hard to reach areas. The Bosch Athlet is also very stable self- standing. This allows for flexible charging and convenient placing around your home. With a long 40 minute run time your home will be cleaner, quicker than ever before. read more »


Bosch WAB28162GB



This Bosch Maxx washing machine is packed with great features and has 15 programmes. Read on to find out why the WAB28162GB is the right appliance for your family.

A+++ Energy Rating
Worried about your household energy consumption? This washing machine has been awarded the highest available energy efficiency rating. Not only does this make it a green appliance, it also trims money off your energy bills.

6kg Capacity
The WAB28162GB's spacious drum holds up to 6kg of laundry. This is the ideal amount for medium sized families or couples who get through lots of washing.

As a freestanding model, it doesn't require installation into one of your kitchen units, and can be stored anywhere in your kitchen, or elsewhere in your home.

15 Different Programmes
This washing machine lets you choose from 15 programmes.Only washing one type of material like silk or cotton? There are specific settings to optimisewash performance for single items, or a Mixed Load cycle for general loads.
The Allergy+ programme is great if anyone in the family suffers from sensitive skin or allergies, while the Easy Care programme is a gentle cycle that protects your clothes.

Extra Features
Need your favourite top cleaned in a hurry? The WAB28162GB Speed Perfect function reduces cycle times with no loss in wash performance.
Another really handy aspect of this product is the Delay Start feature. This lets you choose when you want your load to start, so soggy washing won't be sat in the drum for hours on end until you get home from work.

Don't like talking over your washing machine when it's running? Simply schedule your cycle to start when you're asleep and empty it in the morning.

WAB28162GB has a neat white design, LED progress indicators and comes with a two year guarantee. If you want a quality washing machine that's built to last, this is it.

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Panasonic TX39AS600B



The Panasonic TX39AS600 LED TV brings Full HD movies and HD programming to your living room. It's Smart too and comes ready to connect to catch up TV, apps and games wirelessly. The dual core processor handles all of this with ease, giving you the power to switch between functions without lag. The edge-lit LED screen is large enough for the living room, yet slimline enough to tuck away in a bedroom or study. Dazzling 1080p Full HD makes all of your media shine on the TX39AS600, and with Freeview HD even your day-to-day TV watching will benefit from crystal clear image quality. With freetime you can take advantage of roll back TV for the past week, as well as enjoy access to a programme guide that displays catch up services like BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5 .A simulated 100Hz refresh rate makes sport, games, films and other fast moving action glide across the screen on the AS600 without judder. Everything else benefits too with more lifelike motion in everything you watch. Enjoy built-in Wi-Fi connectivity with the TX39AS600 and lots of content through Panasonic's Viera Connect service. Even without a wireless router, the handy ethernet port means that getting online through a wired connection is quick and easy. Take full control over your media by turning your smartphone or tablet into a fully featured remote control.The TX39AS600 is made to connect. Spend less time juggling connections and more time enjoying your favourite media. three HDMI sockets, two USB ports and a SCART interface make this TV a true media hub so you can hook up Blu-ray players, satellite receivers and games consoles with ease. With TVs getting slimmer and built-in speakers getting smaller - choosing the right sound system is more important than ever. Sound bars add that extra audio punch to all your movies, games and TV programmes. More affordable and easier to set up than a full size speaker system, they don't compromise on quality either. read more »


Hotpoint CDN7000P



Introducing the CDN7000P, a fantastic tumble dryer from Hotpoint's Aquarius range. Take the hassle out of drying your laundry by placing an order today. The most time consuming part of doing the laundry is often getting your clothes dry. Hanging them on the washing line is often unpredictable due to the weather and most people don't have enough space on their radiators. The quickest and easiest solution is to use a tumble dryer, and the CDN7000P delivers a great drying experience. Like many Hotpoint appliances, this dryer has a clean white finish. The controls, which are located at the top of the machine, are clearly marked and really easy to use.The CDN7000P can handle up to 7kg of wet clothes, which is enough for the laundry of most medium sized families . This dryer has Anti-Tangling Technology, which uses reverse tumble action to minimise creases and make unloading really simple. The high and low heat setting means the temperature can be adjusted to improve the effectiveness of the spin. For example, you can prevent damage to your delicates by using a low heat. The filter is removable, which makes cleaning it a piece of cake. As a condenser tumble dryer, this machine will cool the warm, damp air it creates when in use and collect the water in an internal reservoir. This container is easy to access, which makes emptying the water really simple. An added bonus of opting for a condenser dryer is that, unlike vented models, there are no limitations on where you can store the dryer within your home. This makes it suitable for a kitchen, utility room or garage. Hotpoint's Aquarius range has a reputation for high-quality and reliability, but just in case you encounter any problems, this tumble dryer comes with a one year guarantee. read more »